YouTube needs to use a similar system to Pornhub where videos

le 18/04/2015
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best replica bags I wouldn be surprised if one guy owned several of the channels. YouTube needs to use a similar system to Pornhub where videos are compared against a database of known child pornography and promptly deleted and reported. It kind of sad that most porn websites are better at filtering out illegal content than a website that supposed to be family oriented.. best replica bags

high replica bags Then everyone at the firm has to walk on friggin eggshells because no matter how dumb and useless the diversity hire is you cannot say a damn thing about it.It insulting to women with a real passion and aptitude for science/math/engineering that can ever be taken seriously because of leftist coddling. It a complete fuck you to anyone who gets denied a scholarship or acceptance to a better school because of diversity quotas that aren even remotely necessary. I think it great to foster a girl interest in stem if they have one but i feel like nowadays some parents are raising their kids with this « my daughter WILL NOT BE A NURSE GOD DAMNIT » attitude.extremeperson123 1 point submitted 1 day agoAmazon because Google is a scandal magnet. high replica bags

bag replica high quality So if she there in chapter 14 now, I want to play that first. But if not, then i do other stuff first. 18 points submitted 4 months agoNot sure if I call it « poor design » because stuff like this happens all the time in video games; for the sake of replica chanel bags ebay efficient runtimes, load times, or whatever other reasons, devs often code things in a way that are « effectively random » for « normal play ». bag replica high quality

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