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« I had a tremendous amount of respect for playing as a home team quarterback in Lambeau for so many years, but I really, I don know if I underappreciated how difficult it is to play on that field, with the fans cheering against you, until I walked out of the tunnel as an opponent, » he said. « It was an incredible feeling of awe, and I really thankful that I played in Minnesota. We didn win a championship, but I thankful that I had a chance to witness it from the other side, if that makes sense..

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One of these injuries standing alone manifests a depraved indifference to the value of human life, Hunter said. Together, they reflect a monstrous savagery and cruelty that defies comprehension. That made it impossible for her to make an informed decision about whether to take the stand in her own defense, the attorneys argued..

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We take it for granted that we can spy on our pets while we at work and check out who ringing the door without stepping outside, but all of that became possible thanks to the inventiveness of Marie Van Brittan Brown. According to the New York Times, the nurse created a patented home surveillance device with her electrician husband in 1969. Their design enabled cameras to send images from peepholes to a single monitor so people could see who was outside the house.

We say he has class because he does. Ever hear him whine about spending so much time in the press box? Or the minors? No? Case closed. They kick off their exhibition season in London, Ont., against Lecavalier Flyers on Sept. On the Democratic side, Sanders, 74, courted the African American vote on Wednesday, having breakfast with civil rights leader the Rev. Al Sharpton at a restaurant in New York City Harlem neighbourhood. Clinton, 68, currently has strong support from black voters, who will be crucial in the Democratic primary in South Carolina on Feb.