The two screen infotainment system is fairly easy to fake

le 12/05/2015
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fake hermes belt women’s Namely songs, thanks to the multi Oscar winning 2012 film and of course the stage musical it is based on which is still running in London, 33 years since it premiered there; it is on tour this year and coming to Newcastle Theatre Royal in August.But Tom insisted: « I must be one of the few people in the world not to have seen the musical, so I didn’t have any preconceptions about it. »However, a healthy proportion of the BBC audience has seen its musical version and the lack of songs sparked a bit of a social media spat after episode one. »What was surprising was that some people thought the musical was the original format of the story and weren’t aware that the novel had been around for over 150 years, » said Tom.The book, nearly 1,500 pages long, begins in France in 1815 after the Battle of Waterloo when Napoleon goes into exile, and ends in 1832 and the Paris Uprising caused by harvest failures, food shortages, and increases in the cost of living.(Image: New Pictures Limited/ Company)At the centre of it all is the ex convict Jean Valjean and his struggle to lead a normal life after serving a prison sentence for stealing bread to feed his sister’s children, and his attempts at redemption; he is played by Dominic West in the new adaptation.Other characters include Valjean’s pursuer, police chief Javert (David Oyelowo), Fantine (Lily Collins) who dies destitute and whose daughter Cosette, Valjean adopts, as well as myriad others whose stories are intertwined with his.There is also an amazing performance by Olivia Colman, recently nominated for an Oscar, as the hugely unpleasant Madame Th wife of an equally despicable innkeeper who make up one of the most malign couples you’ll ever come across, prepared to sell their children as well as anybody else’s to make money.Tom said: « Olivia is a phenomenal actress and wonderful person. The character she plays is such a departure from those she has played before and how she is in real life, yet she does it so well. »Before being rescued by Valjean, Cosette had been handed over by a desperate Fantine to Madame Th and her husband, the bogus ‘hero of Waterloo’, to look after in order to find work, for which she has to pay a dreadful price.Museum of the Moon set to land at Newcastle’s Life Science Centre and it looks amazingMadame Th is swift to hit and abuse the young Cosette, and her other children when fortunes go against the family. Tom revealed Olivia would almost be crying after these scenes, worrying about how the youngsters would be reacting to them. »The children absolutely loved it hermes belt replica and enjoyed being fussed over by her, » laughed Tom.The subject matter is grim, not least the suffering of Fantine, who sells her teeth and hair in order to find the money to send to Madame Th who had claimed her daughter was ill and needed medication, while the depiction of the filth and squalor of Paris makes you want to have a bath after watching each episode. »It goes to some very dark places, » said Tom. fake hermes belt women’s

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