The official opening ceremony of the club was held in the

le 31/05/2015
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Aziz Azzat was appointed as new president and became the first Egyptian president of Al Ahly. The official opening ceremony of the club was held in the club’s main building on 26 February 1909.Although the game of football was not one of the goals of the founders of Al Ahly club the goal of the club was openining its doors to students of higher schools to meet and practice political dialogues,but the graduates of high schools members of the club have fallen in love with Football,which prompted Ahly to build the first stadium In 1909 and they used to call it the time (Al Hawsh), which is a colloquial word from Egyptian dialect means the courtyard in Arabic yeti tumbler colors yeti cups,The stadium was developed over the years to be Mokhtar El Tetsh Stadium.The first official football team was established in 1911. The team is one of the primary and secondary school players who played the ball in Al Hawash, which was established in 1909 in the club’s land.

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