That said, yeah, it’s probably all unlikely: Mars is probably

le 22/03/2015
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This cross examination of valor doesn’t add much to the movie. But it does open the door for Rogue One’s brain scrambling cheers when Darth Vader inevitably returns to unleash his dark side. The audience whooped. That said, yeah, it’s probably all unlikely: Mars is probably a dead planet. :) But it’s still important to try to keep a clean environment for the time being until we can be sure of that, because once everything starts mixing between the two planets, you can’t undo it. The hard part comes when its been many years and colonies are popping up contaminating huge tracts of land.

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Over the years, Boeing made many modifications to the original design, expanding the fuselage, increasing the fuel tank for longer distance travel and adding more powerful engines. Faced with a number of competitors of the era, interest in the Boeing design by the military was still years off. Known as the « Next Generation », the model was dubbed the 737 700, a variant that featured an additional 16 feet (4.9 m) of wingspan and 30 percent more fuel capacity..

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