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le 04/02/2015
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NAD. The most relief I got from my herniated disc was from physical therapy. I surprised that he didn get sent while they were waiting for the MRI since physical therapy is a blanket treatment for back pain. Nixon came out OK after his crimes were laid bare. Did an interview were he prostrated, wrote a few books, went back to China, campaigned for Reagan, got close to a state funeral as possible with current and former presidents, Kissinger, and the Senate Minority Leader making appearances. Only reason it wasn a state funeral was because Nixon made it clear he didn want one..

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According to the SEC complaint filed today in federal court in Manhattan, Cornelsen became Prado customer in 2008. On May 17, 2010, Prado sent Cornelsen an e mail written in Portuguese that translates to, if you are around call me at the hotel I have some info You have to hear this. Cornelsen called Prado at his hotel and they had a 10 minute conversation.

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