« In cases like Naython Watts

le 25/01/2015
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perfect hermes replica 6 points submitted 12 hours agoParity doesn mean jack shit if the people that are in office are corrupt and/or intolerant. Intersectionality is just a fancy word for racism and sexism used by the same folks that tried to redefine « racism » as some sort of mathematical formula.Sorry, but you tapping into hatred of a specific race or gender to get « progressives » elected. Bad idea.Isn JD the group that dug up 20 year old blog posts from Chunk where he whined about not getting laid after the 3rd date or something and then forced him out for Wrongthink? Yeah, these are swell people with great ideas.Chartis 22 points submitted 21 days agoAside from America missing out on the industrious benefits, the overwhelming majority of voters want to see comprehensive immigration reform and a path towards citizenship. perfect hermes replica

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