He has cast himself as a boxer and is looking back on his life

le 24/06/2015
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Boy George is back with a new release King of Everything

Boy George new canadian goose jacket image the Bearded BoyBoy George has always been an artist in canada goose outlet reviews many ways. He is doing so again but with a very different look.

Press reports in the past were showing canada goose jacket outlet that Boy George had put on a lot of weight but he has really slimmed down due to healthy dieting and his Buddhist lifestyle. He has also been clean of drugs and drink for the past five years and it shows because he is looking very canada goose outlet black friday youthful for his actual early fifties.

He has canada goose black friday sale kept the make up at times and canada goose outlet canada the flamboyant appearance with colourful headgear but what stands out more than anything is that George is now buy canada goose jacket cheap wearing a neatly trimmed goatee beard. He is not uk canada goose outlet looking anything like he did in his androgynous and dreadlocked Culture Club days.

Boy George’s new single and albumKing of Everythinghas a video that shows George standing in a boxing ring. He has cast himself as a boxer and is looking back on his life and career as a fighter. A boxer like a singer has Canada Goose sale two lives, the canada goose factory outlet performer in the public eye canada goose outlet and the man off stage.

He is feeling sorry about all the things that had gone wrong not just canada goose outlet uk sale inside the ring but outside and at the canada goose outlet store same time asking if he can make it back canada goose outlet sale to being on top.

George sings: »What’s the word canada goose black friday sale on the street, have I lost my crown? Will I be king of everything? »

In many ways https://www.fcvfrankfurt.de the lyrics reflect the very real problems the singer has had in his life that have kept him out of the limelight and from being at the top of the Canada Goose Parka canada goose outlet store uk pop charts like he used to be in the days of Culture Club.

George has had a lot of bad press in the past due to drug abuse and addictions and his problems with the law but he is putting all that behind him and making a new start.

His voice is as soulful as it ever was but more mature sounding and deeper. King of Everything has all the makings of a classic pop ballad and could well take him back to the top of the charts.

This Is What I Do as a title says a lot.

George is very happy with this new album which is his first solo effort in many years. It is said to be very much inspired by his roots in 1970s music and the acts like David Bowie canada goose outlet new york city that were and are his musical mentors.

The new album’s producer was Richie Stevens (Tina Turner, Simply Red and Culture Club) buy canada goose jacket and it was mixed by Dave Bascombe (Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode and Doves).

This Is What I Do is the album Boy George had wanted to make and cheap Canada Goose has canada goose outlet now done so.

It was released on 28 October and was promoted by live dates in the UK, including the Glee Club, Birmingham on 5 November and an appearance at Rough Trade East in London on 13th of the same month.5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

a new album and a new look too is an interesting and most informative about the great singer.