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le 14/10/2015
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Leather business looking very good in India

A: By and large, the entire leather uk canada goose business is looking very good in India canada goose jacket outlet because of all the issues that are happening in China right now. canada goose outlet canada So, in all sectors of the leather business, whether it be the leather sector or handbags or belts canada goose factory outlet or goose outlet canada shoes, footwear, there is enormous demand which is coming in to the country. Therefore, with all the canada goose outlet extra infrastructure that Crew BOS had canada goose outlet parka built over the last couple of years, which is infact just coming into production now, we should be good to be able to take this extra business which is coming to us. canada goose outlet nyc That is where you are seeing the growth from.

Q: There cheap canada goose uk is some pressure on canada goose outlet the margins, your Canada Goose Parka total expenditure also has increased around 22%, what is the operating scenario for you?

A: The margin pressures have come up. You have been hearing across the board that the raw material prices have gone up very significantly over the last four five months. Since these are caught in the middle of canadian goose jacket the season, it is not possible to increase prices quickly. But canada goose outlet new york city now that these prices are higher and the buyers have canada goose coats on sale accepted the higher prices, you will see that change from here onwards.

I think for the first time in about seven eight years, canada goose outlet online uk we feel that the buyer is in the right frame of mind to be able canada goose outlet store uk to accept higher prices because they are seeing it across the world and then are comparing it just with you. Earlier they would say we are getting this price somewhere else, what about yours, it is less competitive now because entire supply base is shrinking, the canada goose outlet uk entry barriers in this business are greater than some other businesses. Therefore, we see a very positive outlook going into this year.

Q: Your interest costs have also gone up, what is the current debt of the company? Do you expect interest cost to continue rising?

A: I think what we are doing is we are concentrating on reducing the debt because a lot of the interest costs have gone up. Because of the new infrastructure that we had put into place and did not reduce any Canada Goose online spending on infrastructure because of what was going to happen in 2011 2012 2013 and therefore the higher interest cost that we are seeing is based on the infrastructure and some more investments in working capital. Now, Canada Goose Coats On Sale as we use these newer infrastructure to be able to convert that working capital into finished goods, you will see that as a percentage reduce.

Q: What is the current debt in absolute terms?

A: I am not completely sure, but it should be in the region of about Rs 200 crore working capital.

Q: Give us a quick word on the fashion accessories segment, though that canada goose uk shop is canada goose outlet online bulk of your revenues around 60%, there has been absolutely flat this quarter on a year on year (YoY) basis, any sort of pressure you are dealing with there?

A: No. Because of increase in prices of raw material, we decided that we would stay out of wherever the business was not available at the prices that we demanded. That is where the outlook is changing. Now the buyer is willing to look at brands, are willing to look at paying higher prices and that is why it was a deliberate decision and you will see that change in the next quarter.