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Bochenski doubled Norfolk’s lead just over three minutes later on a two on one break. Paul Szczechura sped down the left wing and sent a pass across the slot and past the reach of a Pirates defender. Bochenski redirected the shot from the edge of the right faceoff circle past the left leg of Enroth at 5:48 for his team leading sixth goal of the season..

TREND FOUR: STEPPED UP SECURITY DataSafe RFID Blocking Embossed Italian Leather Passport Wallet by Kena Kai, $120 Purse straps reinforced with cables, luggage alarms and baggage locks afford travelers extra levels of safety. Among the newest in high tech security measures: wallets that block radio frequency identification (RFID). Some passports, credit cards and drivers’ licenses are embedded with radio chips that continuously transmit your information.

We never experienced anything even bordering on discomfort. I’ve felt more threatened in many European countries and definitely in my home country (the USA). I’m a very blonde and somewhat petite woman; I’m used to getting stares/harassment while traveling, and didn’t experience any of that in Namibia.

Generally, I more predisposed towards birding in the morning and then spotlighting for mammals and herps in the evenings. So afternoons are usually spent back at the accommodation recouping energy/id ing animals and getting ready for the night walks. Because of that, I don mind staying longer at a place but as a result, I cover the different trails available to blitz as many animals as I can.Seems like there limited bus options from Brisbane.

cheap canada goose I spent a considerable amount of time on Saturday breathlessly running alongside black bloc anarchists, documenting an unprecedented reign of destruction on the streets of Toronto. I saw them congregate and collaborate in the early afternoon hours, hatching a heinous plan that would leave indelible scars on our city, both financial and psychological. I saw them lob rocks at retreating police, smash and burn cruisers, spray paint numerous structures with revolutionary slogans, and shatter windows with a seemingly insatiable appetite.

Some 15 million men served in the US armed forces during the war along with 350,000 women, a total only surpassed by the Soviets. From 1942 this huge military establishment was controlled from the Pentagon, the world’s largest building, which had been newly opened in Washington, DC. A whole range of government agencies was soon set up to manage various important aspects of the war economy the War Production Board and Office of War Mobilization being among the most important.

canada goose factory sale He said DiLuzio was less than honest when discussing how her marriage to Bethlehem police Chief Mark DiLuzio could affect her ability to serve as district attorney. At an Easton NAACP candidates forum, DiLuzio said the Pennsylvania Bar Association assured her that her husband’s job running a police department under her jurisdiction would not pose a conflict of interest were she to be elected district attorney. The opinion, however, says a conflict could be avoided if the district attorney assigns an assistant to handle cases involving Chief DiLuzio.

Coconut oil was shown to protect against bleach, heat, and UV damage in a Journal of Cosmetic Science study; and argan oil was shown to protect against hair lightening induced protein loss in a Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications study. Mix 20 drops of pure argan oil with 3.5 fl oz. He suggests this mixture for all hair types..

An assembly line at Electrical Engineering Corporation. Finance investments and fund cross border business expansions, mid corporates need to work with specialised regional partners. ASEAN a region facing disruption: positioning mid corporates for growth in Southeast Asia (ASEAN Report), released on Monday, identified talent, culture, technology capital management as key enablers to support the development of these new strategies. This oil diffuser necklace is a great gift for the woman who loves aromatherapy, or the woman who has a lot of stress in her daily life. The diffuser allows her to enjoy the scent of her favorite essential oil all day long. The 30 inch pendant is elegant, and looks great with both casual and dressy outfits.

3. Keep Things Open: Very skittish or shy types may subconsciously feel ‘trapped’ if you position yourself between them and the way out of your exhibit. You don’t have to be an Old West Cowboy with this there’s no need to always stand with your back to the wall but be aware of spatial issues and attempt to keep things open and comfortable..

Saturday, we go separate ways, only to coincidentally end up in Red Rock Canyon, within 30 minutes of our hotel. Barry and I drive the 13 mile scenic loop and hike wind whipped rock formations on our own. But ever efficient Paula has done research and lined up a private guide.

When it came to tipping out at the end of the night, the owner said that servers only have to claim about $4 in cash tips per hour in order to meet the minimum wage. We good to walk with the rest of the cash undeclared. In CT, tipped servers are paid $6.25/hr, but the posted minimum wage is $10.10, so technically if we claim $4 in tips for every hour we work, it should all work out.