A dashboard for everything we have to manage in our portfolio

le 17/08/2015
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canada goose outlet The enhanced console allows MSPs to easily manage all clients backups and recover data from a single location, as well as quickly provision new accounts and systems without having to visit customer sites.Zetta DataProtect with the secure MSP Management Console benefits those service providers who are increasingly making the shift away from appliance based solutions due to high initial capital costs, complexity canada goose, management overhead and performance issues.The solution can be deployed in minutes, enabling MSPs and their clients to quickly start backing up system data to both on premise storage and the cloud, without the upfront cost and hassle of deploying and configuring an appliance.Zetta DataProtect with MSP Management Console features include a web based portal for self service provisioning of new customers and configuration, a centralized remote backup and recovery to enable service providers to manage client backups and recover data from anywhere, flexible client versus system views to easily and quickly evaluate the overall health of all customers and systems, single sign on for simplified client management, and extensive marketing and sales resources. A dashboard for everything we have to manage in our portfolio using a single interface. It will be very powerful for us this year as we open up the flood gates on our marketing and start to bring in larger volume clients.. canada goose outlet

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